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2018年11月16日, “SNOW51青少年滑雪队”正式成立。SNOW51致力于培养青少年对于滑雪运动的兴趣和技能,打造一支坚韧不屈的青少年专业滑雪队伍! 同时,奥地利联邦数字与经济事务部部长Dr. Margarete Schramböck接受邀请担任“SNOW51青少年滑雪队”名誉主席,进一步促进中奥两国的滑雪交流。2019年春节期间,SNOW51青少年滑雪队队员将赴奥地利集训。
SNOW51 Youth Ski Team Established – The first professional youth ski team in Shanghai (Probably)

“SNOW51 You Ski Team” established- Could be the first professional youth ski athletic team in Shanghai
“SNOW51 Youth Ski Team” has been successfully established on the 16th of November 2018. SNOW51 is committed to cultivate the interests and skills of skiing among the youth and build the best professional youth ski team! Meanwhile, Dr. Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria, has accepted the invitation to be the honored president of “SNOW51 Youth Ski Team”, further advancing the communication between the Chinese and Austrian Ski professionals. At the Spring Festival of 2019, SNOW51 Youth Ski Team is scheduled to go to Austria for training.



SNOW51 is elected as the council member of Shanghai Ice & Snow Sports Association

In November 2018, Shanghai Skating Association commenced the 3rd edition of congress and officially changed the name to Shanghai Ice & Snow Sports Association. At the congress, SNOW51 was honored to be elected as the council member of Shanghai Ice & Snow Sports Association. During the new movements of China Ice and Snow Sports, SNOW51 will work with Shanghai Ice & Snow Sports Association to promote the spirit of Olympic Winter Games and engage the citizens into the city-wide ice and snow sports plan.






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